Meet Mara Fisher

Meet Mara Fisher

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Mara Fisher, Head Of Partnerships at TMNZ

Mara Fisher is our Head of Partnerships at TMNZ.

Formerly the Chief Operating Officer at TMNZ, her new position reflects the new structure at TMNZ, where the former client relations, client experience, and technology teams are now under one banner.

The goal for Mara and her team is to build a partnership model with our firms and clients, ensuring we are proactive in bringing ideas and value to their business.

Mara is uniquely equipped to deal with integrating with our clients, software partners, and regulator. She worked with TMNZ founder Ian Kuperus to launch TMNZ and tax pooling in 2003 from a small room at Ian’s house.

Her role with TMNZ grew as the company did. As the former TMNZ COO, she is perfectly suited to deliver a partnership model for clients and our industry.

We sat down with Mara to chew the fat.

Q: You’ve been with TMNZ for a long time in a variety of roles, from launch to strategy to  operations management, and now as Head of Partnerships! What changes have you seen over the years?

A: Pooling has become more accessible to small taxpayers, and mainstream.  We’ve had to invest significantly in our technology and in our client-facing team to ensure we deliver a cost-effective, accurate and helpful service to everyone.  With legislative changes we’ve had to change too and be provisional tax experts that clients could count on. At the moment, ensuring we have excellent training programs, guides, videos, systems, and user tools are our focus.

Q: What makes TMNZ stand out?

A: Definitely the team. Our clients will tell you that TMNZ customer support is responsive and always there when needed. Our technical support is fast and if we can’t quote the answer straight away, we’ll help get to the bottom of your issue, fast. Because we have such good employee retention among the team, in-depth knowledge is one of our key assets. In addition, we have managed to grow from two staff in 2003 to almost 50 in 2019, all while maintaining a personalised service to our frequent users and clients.

Q: What is the focus for you and the new team?

A: We want to emphasise our commitment to building partnerships with our clients, software partners, and regulators. We know that we need to tailor a solution that is the best fit, and in many cases, this is made to measure.

Q: What is your elevator pitch to do that?

A: In short, we’ll work with you. We’ll take the time to understand your business and show how we can help solve problems and help you delight your clients.

Q: What can TMNZ clients look forward to?

A: We’ve always supported accountants and accounting firms, but we’re looking to go beyond that to being a trusted partner and knowledge source. Those are grand promises but our programme of work is focused on addressing those points.