We’ve made provisional tax easier

We’ve made provisional tax easier

We’ve made provisional tax easier 1344 896 Lloyd Evaroa

We’ve made some changes to the way our dashboard works. It’s easier to navigate, the number of steps required for working with us is reduced and seeing the status of a taxpayer arrangement is the first thing you see.

Navigate without needing to read a manual

You can use the left-hand navigation sidebar or the new Quick Links section to quickly start. We’ve updated our language to be the tasks you need to get done.

Once you login, you can use the left hand navigation or the Quick Links section to start quoting or transacting

Fewer steps, more flexibility

Once you’ve entered your provisional tax liability, producing arrangement options for you or your client is much easier to do from one screen. Select either Flexitax®, Finance or a custom-designed plan. You can send all the options you create to your team or client.

Knowing your balances from the homepage

Once an arrangement is in place, knowing the status of the arrangement can be done from the dashboard homepage. The activity centre default tab, called Quick Summary, displays any active arrangements with the amount paid and amount due at a glance. This information is easily exported.

Provisional Tax Reminders now standard for all Premium Partners

Our automation project is now available for all Premium Partners. This allows users to manage their clients’ provisional tax reminders at scale, providing efficiency at crucial times of the year.

To get the most benefit make sure your client list current and details such as balance dates are correct. When you would like to send reminders to clients, you can either upload their liability or enter the amounts one at a time. Once information is ready you can download the PDF’s for each client or our system will email each of your clients directly.

To learn more reach out to your TMNZ account Manager or book time for your team to get an overview at tmnz.co.nz/upgrade 

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