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Kiwis' donations go further.

Kiwis are great at giving, but we’re not so great at claiming donation rebates back from IRD. Smart Donation makes it easy for donors to get donation rebates so you can give even more to the causes you’re passionate about.

Money goes where it’s needed, not to the IRD

When you make a donation of $5 or more, you can claim up to a third of the amount back from IRD. For example, if you donate $100, you’re eligible to $33.33 from IRD. You can keep that as a little reward for your good deed, or donate it back to your cause.

Claim for donations made up to three years ago

If you made a donation and forgot to claim that year, it’s not too late – as long as the donation was made no more than three years ago, you were a tax resident in New Zealand at the time and earned taxable income, then you’re good to go.

Take the hassle out of claiming rebates

Making a claim is simple with TMNZ, we contact the charities on your behalf and sort everything out. You won’t have to fill out IRD’s forms or even provide receipts in cases where we can verify your donation directly with the charity.

Work together to make New Zealand a better place

One of our key values at TMNZ is supporting charity, which is why we work closely with charities to make sure they get even more money than they normally would. Leveraging our strong relationship with IRD, we registered as a tax agent to process donation rebates. Smart Donation is our way of giving back to the Kiwis who need it most.

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Three easy steps to getting your donation rebates


Register online with Smart Donation

Registration is absolutely free. Fill in the form online. You will also need to upload a scanned copy of your driver licence or passport, as well as a bank slip (for verification purposes).

  • All details provided must match the details as they appear on your driver licence or passport.

Fill in the claim form online

You can claim donation rebates for 3 years prior. We will only charge a fee after your donation rebate has been processed (capped at $20 depending on the rebate amount you receive).

  • Please note that in cases where no receipts are provided, it may take some time to process the claim form as we will have to get in touch with the charity directly and wait for them to verify the donation.

Leave the rest to us – we’ll get back to you

The good news is we only charge a fee after your donation rebate has been processed.

  • The fee is capped at $20 depending on the rebate amount you receive at the end. See fee structure below:
  • Between $1-50 = no fee
  • Between $51-120 = $10 fee
  • More than $121 = $20 fee
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