Meet the Tax Pooling Professionals

As New Zealand’s first Tax Pooling Intermediary, we continue to work closely with IRD to give New Zealand businesses and tax agents with more control, flexibility and significant savings when it comes to tax payments.

And the best part? Because we’re Kiwis helping Kiwis, our profits are committed to charities right here in New Zealand. Good news for anyone looking to make their cashflow count.

James Stuart

Kathleen Payne

Penny Ineson

Clyden Manikkam

Jonathon Parris

Gina Brighouse

Evan Cavanagh

Liz Taylor

Rachel Harris

Grace Evetts

Meet the TMNZ Client Services Team

We have a reputation for being prompt and easily accessible. This is because our Client Services Team know their stuff. They deal with your queries promptly and effectively.

Paula Clarke

Rob Gilmore

Ankur Kanojia

Ben Lu

Tanesh Nathman

Victor Ng

Tania Ohlson

Gino Orejana

Judd Pimentel