Guides by TMNZ

TMNZ offer free guides to help you manage your provisional tax payments as well as provide information on how to use tax pooling. These are for you if you are accountant, taxpayer or book keeper.

Taxpayer Guides

Free downloadable Tax Management guide to paying provisional tax.

Paying Provisional Tax

This is an introductory guide to paying provisional tax in NZ. It covers the four methods available through the IRD.

Free downloadable guide to building better cashflow management from TMNZ.

Cashflow Management Guide

This guide is for you if you have cashflow issues or want some tips on how to better manage your cashflow.

Accountant Guides

Calculating Provisional Tax

This guide is to help you understand what your obligations are in terms of calculating, filing, safe harbour and first year in business.

Free downloadable guide to calculating provisional tax from TMNZ.

Grow your Firm Guide

We’ve put this guide together to help you explain tax pooling to your clients.