TMNZ Learning Labs

Tax pooling and morning tea on us 🙂. The content is top notch and it is completely free to attend. Each Learning Lab session is approximately an hour and can contribute towards CPD hours.

Learn about tax pooling from the experts

TMNZ offers training to help accountants and tax agents in firms all over New Zealand provide a higher level of service in managing and optimising their clients provisional tax, terminal tax, tax pooling, payment of reassessed tax and imputation credit accounts.

Here are the 4 Learning Lab sessions available:

Tax Pooling 101

Tax pooling allows taxpayers to pay income tax at a time and in a manner that suits them, at an interest cost that is around 30 percent cheaper than what IRD charges on underpaid tax and without having to worry about late payment penalties. This session will walk through all the fundamentals that you can offer your clients.

TMNZ Dashboard Deep Dive

We cover everything you need to know in order to use the TMNZ online dashboard to generate Flexitax, Tax Finance and other transaction information, as well as demonstrating our new reporting features and walking through access functionality.

Advanced Tax Pooling

Advanced topics that can provide extra flexibility to your clients. We’ll cover depositing, using tax pooling for other tax types, Tax Swap transactions, and other ways of using tax pooling to manage cashflow.

Imputation Credits and tax pooling

This session will address the topic of imputation credits in the context of using tax pooling. You will learn how to account for imputation credits when it comes to using TMNZ products. In this session, we will also cover shareholding continuity and the direct impact on tax pooling arrangements.

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