Reduce liability risk while earning more on overpayments

Depositing into TMNZ’s tax pool account means you have flexibility over all your provisional and terminal tax payments and can decide how to best make tax work for you.

Get full control and earn more on surplus tax

By depositing into the TMNZ tax pool, you get more choice over what to do with your funds. You can earn interest on overpayments (more than you would through IRD), move the funds forward to the next financial year or even draw on it as a line of credit.

Easier access to your tax funds

Gettings refunds from TMNZ is much simpler compared to IRD. Deposits made into the TMNZ tax pool can be refunded in 3-5 working days. No paperwork and much less hassle.

Reduce your risk and exposure to liability

By using a tax payment intermediary, you reduce your exposure to IRD late payment penalties and can save up to 30% on IRD interest. This includes for missed, underpaid or future provisional tax payments.

We work with you to improve outcomes

TMNZ has a dedicated client team, which means expert advice is just a phone call or email away. You can even manage your account online through the TMNZ dashboard and we’ll set reminders to let you know when your next provisional tax deposit is due.

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Three ways to do tax on your terms


Want to maximise overpayments and earn more interest?

Some taxpayers overpay tax during earlier provisional tax dates to reduce their risk. Tax Sale provides you with an opportunity to generate additional earnings on overpaid tax.

  • TMNZ offers a significantly higher rate on overpaid tax compared to what you would otherwise receive from IRD.
  • TMNZ works with you throughout this process to make it as straightforward as possible.

Want to use your deposits as a line of credit or get refunds back faster?

If you need to access your funds at any time, we make it easy so you get the money when you need it without any hassle or IRD paperwork.

  • Tax Drawdown allows you to access deposits in the pool as collateral to drawdown short term funds at very attractive rates.
  • You can request your funds back from the pool at any time (no more IRD paperwork!) and the money will be in your account within 3-5 business days.

Want to smooth out current year income tax liabilities?

If you’ve overpaid at one provisional tax date, but then underpaid at another, Tax Swap lets you swap surplus tax to even out your payment profile.

  • For any under payments, you can swap tax to reduce IRD interest costs.
  • Earn extra interest on overpayments swapped forward from earlier provisional tax dates.
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Provisional tax payments made easy for your peace of mind

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