Flexitax for cashflow flexibility

TMNZ offers a way to smooth out cashflow highs and lows, while staying in the IRD good books.

TMNZ can help in situations where:

  • You need to keep money in the business for longer – either to help with growth activities or cover day-to-day expenses
  • Avoid high lending costs with finance providers – don’t take out that second mortgage, our rates are often much lower than bank overdraft fees

Hear from other clients we’ve helped and how they use TMNZ to do tax on their terms

Everything you need to know about provisional tax

Provisional Tax Guide

A useful guide to read if you are starting your first year of business or if you’re looking for more clarity around New Zealand’s provisional tax system and need to talk to your accountant.

Provisional Tax Glossary

Confused by some of the tax jargon? Here we define a number of common terms related to provisional tax including tax pooling, standard uplift method, and more.

Provisional Tax Dates 2019

An interactive calendar showing all provisional tax dates for the next two years. Download reminders to Outlook or Google Calendar to help you keep track of your payment dates.