Save your clients money, time and stress... while making your job easier too

If you’re an accountant, TMNZ offers essential services that can ease your clients cashflow issues and helps to ensure they keep money in the business for longer, all while saving on IRD late payment penalties and interest.

More cashflow flexibility for your clients

By using TMNZ your clients can pay provisional tax whenever they need to, and we make sure everything is settled on time with IRD. Your clients get greater flexibility and control so you save time managing them in the long run.

Save on IRD interest and late payment penalties

If your client has provisional or terminal tax owing to IRD, they can save up to 30% on interest costs and eliminate late payment penalties altogether.

Get some cover during tax audits

TMNZ has the largest tax pool in the country, with the oldest tax going back as far as 2009. This means that we’re in the best position to help your clients with any historic liability arising from a tax audit or voluntary disclosure.

Easy online tools and expert support

Create, save and confirm quotes online, track client savings, download monthly statements and get free advice and support. You add value to your consulting service without increasing your workload.

Three ways to help your clients


Want provisional tax payments to match clients’ cashflow?

Flexitax® gives clients cashflow flexibility so their provisional tax payments suit their business, without worrying about IRD interest or late payment penalties.

  • Choose to pay provisional tax in lump sums or spread out tax payments over time (up to 75 days after your terminal tax date).
  • The interest charged is tax deductible and based on competitive lending rates (lower than bank overdraft fees). Approval is guaranteed and no security is required.


Want to postpone an upcoming provisional tax payment?

Tax Finance allows clients to take control over a future provisional tax payment date and gives the certainty of a fixed fee paid upfront. No need to worry about IRD interest or late payment penalties either.

  • Choose a preferred date to pay, and make your provisional tax payment on the date you chose. We then transfer back-dated tax into your IRD account so it’s as if you paid on time.
  • The fee is also tax deductible and based on competitive lending rates. Approval is guaranteed and no security is required.


Want to reduce IRD interest on reassessed tax?

Tax Audit can help if your clients have received a notice of reassessment from IRD arising from a tax audit or voluntary disclosure.

  • Available for all forms of tax (PAYE, FBT, GST, RWT, NRWT, income tax, terminal tax, provisional tax).
  • Reduce IRD interest costs by up to 30% for tax going as far back as 2009.
  • Can be used as long as the reassessment was issued in the last 60 days and a tax return was initially filed.

John Farac helps his clients do tax on their terms

John Farac, Chartered Accountant, Farac Gutierrez Limited

Eliminate penalties and reduce costs.

John easily manages tax payment transactions on his clients’ behalf, so they never face late payment penalties and save on use-of-money interest. It saves them time, reduces their stress and results in word of mouth referrals that help to grow his business.

Flexible payment arrangements

Using TMNZ’s Flexitax, John gives his clients the flexibility to pay what they can, when they can on their underpaid provisional tax liability. Because John is dealing with TMNZ on their behalf, his clients don’t have to worry about a thing and he improves his client service.