Pay provisional tax so it suits your business cashflow

Tax Management NZ (TMNZ) offers a smarter way to pay your provisional tax, so you can manage your cashflow, save time and reduce expenses.

We call it: tax on your terms.

IRD Approved

TMNZ are IRD registered and the industry leaders

Flexible Payment

Pay provisional tax when it suits your business cashflow

Save Cost & Time

Save up to 30% on IRD interest by paying through TMNZ

Trusted Systems

We use the highest security standards so your funds are in safe hands

Expertise & Service

Fast and friendly advice from a dedicated team of experts

Innovative Solutions

Manage your provisional tax payments online

How can we help you?

Pay provisional tax

When it suits your business while reducing interest costs and penalties

Reduce risk on overpaid tax

Reduce tax liability risk and potentially earn more interest.

Reduce tax audit costs

And save up to 30% on IRD interest for reassessed tax

Do you work for an accounting firm and manage clients who pay provisional tax?
We can help you and your clients do tax on their terms

TMNZ’s tax pool is used by more businesses and accounting firms than any other

As New Zealand’s leading tax pooling provider, no one understands provisional tax better than TMNZ. With the largest and most established tax pool in New Zealand, TMNZ is the industry innovator, providing the best service and best flexibility to our customers.

Our clients include thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses as well as some of New Zealand’s largest banks, state-owned enterprises and well known corporate names.


Taxpayers helped throughout New Zealand


Million in IRD compliance
costs saved

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2018 income tax arrangements: Options as final TMNZ deadline looms

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The final payment date for taxpayers with a 7 April terminal tax date to pay their 2018 income tax arrangement via TMNZ is 13 June 2019. Legislation prevents TMNZ from helping beyond 75 days after a taxpayer’s terminal tax date. Unpaid Flexitax® or Tax Finance balances will incur IRD interest and late payment penalties. IRD…

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