The Business of Tax - Podcast Series

There is the business of tax, and there are tax businesses. Tax Management New Zealand values our relationship with our tax agents and accounting firms – together we help build each other up. In the spirit of this collaboration, Tax Management New Zealand is bringing tax agents a series of 20 podcasts that explores questions around how to build a better advisory business in disruptive times.

Unquestionably we are living in a time of disruption, and it’s not just Covid-19 and a rapidly changing regulatory landscape. We have changes in client behaviour and needs, and advances in technology – such as real-time data – that are changing the advisory business landscape. We trust this podcast, and the experts we interview, will help you not only navigate but prosper through these times.

TMNZ has rounded up a group of experts in their field. They’re here to inspire, educate, and inform you on your business and tax.

Navigating the new top tax rate for business owners and the self-employed

The Labour Governments new top income tax rate over the $180k threshold has been introduced. Chris Cunniffe answers questions such as:

  • When the Labour Government imposes tax increases on the wealthy and high earners, such as this new tax rate, does it have a knock-on effect for businesses, the self-employed, the economy? Are there any broader implications?
  • If the Government fails to achieve its projected $550 million, what will happen? Can we expect them to lower the threshold?
  • Here is the perception that the wealthy get out of paying tax anyway. Won’t we just have more of the same?

And more.

Chris Cunniffe, CEO of Tax Management New Zealand

Chris Cunniffe (TMNZ, CEO)

Terry Baucher, Tax Consultant at Baucher Consulting Limited.

Terry Baucher (Tax Consultant, Baucher Consulting Limited)

Thought leadership

What is thought leadership and how does it work?

In this session, Terry discusses the concept of thought leadership, the influence it has had on his career, and his advice for smaller and larger firms on how to build this.

Brand reputation

In this session, Sarah discusses the importance of brand and the impact it has on potential clients. Sarah reflects on questions such as

  • How important, really, is a company’s reputation? And why?
  • Is reputation as important for smaller companies as for your corporates?
  • What are the building blocks of a strong reputation?
  • How does a good reputation contribute to the bottom line?
Sarah Bolger, CEO of Colmar Brunton.

Sarah Bolger (CEO, Colmar Brunton)

Richard Wheatley (Branding Specialist and art director, Brand Counsel)

Branding for tax agents

The right branding and design are essential when it comes to establishing credibility and authority in your market – but just how can it help you differentiate your business from the competition and make you more appealing to prospective clients? We speak to Richard Wheatley, branding specialist and art director at Brand Counsel about branding for professional practice.

Better sales for tax agents

The requirement for tax agents and accountants to demonstrate professionalism and a duty of care towards clients sometimes makes for a less than comfortable relationship with the need to sell if you want to grow your professional practice. We talk sales and the professional firm with Viv Brownrigg, Co-founder & Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships – The Gap Portal.

Viv Brownrigg (Co-founder & Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, The Gap Portal)

Allison Mooney (Author of ‘Pressing the Right Buttons’ and keynote speaker)

Being the better leader for tax agents

Leading a professional practice with all its human nuances and social dynamics can be challenging at the best of times. We talk to one of New Zealand’s foremost business speakers and the author of Pressing the Right Buttons (people skills for business success) on workplace relationships and how to lead and manage some of the more challenging personalities in your business.

How safe is your client data?

In a time when overseas cybercriminals are increasingly targeting New Zealand – which they view as a soft touch – how safe is your client data? There is no question that tax agents are responsible both legally and ethically for protecting client data, but how do you do it. Cybersecurity author and consultant Daniel Watson talks us through how we can secure ourselves and our businesses against cybercriminals.

Daniel Watson (SMB cybersecurity expert and managing director Vertech IT Services and author of the book ‘She’ll Be Right (Not!)

Denis Gianoutsos (CEO and Founder of Leading Change Partners)

Successful leadership in an age of uncertainty

Tax Management New Zealand speaks to global executive coach Denis Gianoutsos about how the top executives in the world lead through uncertainty and build culture when the workplace is increasingly at home as well as what personal strategies can help you deal with stress.

Is digital marketing for tax agents and other experts?

Managing director of Insight Online, Kim Voon shares his tips on the best online marketing tactics for tax agents. On the Internet, everybody’s got their hand up, everybody looks the same – how do you get potential clients to choose you?

Kim Voon (managing director of digital marketing agency Insight Online)

Robyn Pearce (Author, speaker, and time management consultant)

Better time management and productivity for tax agents

Do you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Author, speaker and time management consultant Robyn Pearce discusses how we can be more effective, productive and happier in our work day. For more information visit her website here.

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