Can social media work for accountants and service providers?

Tash Gate and Rory Wyatt talk about social media for accountants and service providers. How to get started, channel opportunities, and building trust with current and future clients.

Real-time data in the financial sector a threat or opportunity?

Some argue that technology and real-time data are intrusive and will allow the IRD access or potential access to client information that should private. Others say that real-time data is an opportunity for both the client and the advisor and ultimately leads to better business for both. We talk to Sue Pak, New Zealand Head of Accounting at Xero to discuss some of the opportunities and issues real-time data presents.

In this podcast we cover:

  • The usefulness of real-time data
  • Tax agents adding valuable and billable services
  • The outlook for compliance-based services
  • Client expectations

America's Cup and ocean health

Since our inception, we’ve donated millions of dollars to charitable and philanthropic work throughout Aotearoa. A current focus for this giving is restoring our environment. We've partnered with Live Ocean, the charity founded by Peter Burling and Blair Tuke to restore ocean health. As part of our podcast series The Business of Tax, we talk to Peter and Blair on America's Cup success and the importance of a healthy ocean.

How To Be Mentally Resilient In Tough Times with Ross Wilson

In times of rapid disruption, pandemic uncertainty and legislative changes our mental health can take a knock. How do you turn up to work every day with a smile on your face because your staff and your colleagues are watching you. In this podcast we talk to mental resilience with organisational performance consultant Ross Wilson.