gst ratio method

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Understanding provisional tax

Understanding provisional tax 1200 630 Lee Stace

What is provisional tax? How’s it calculated? When is it paid? What happens if you don’t pay? If these questions are currently occupying space in your head, don’t worry – we’re about to provide some answers. A brief overview Provisional tax breaks up the income tax you pay Inland Revenue (IRD) so that it is…

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GST ratio timeframe extended

GST ratio timeframe extended 1200 630 Lee Stace

IRD has extended the timeframe for taxpayers to elect to use the GST ratio method in the wake of COVID-19. They now have until 19 August 2020 or the day before the start of their 2020-21 income year, depending on which is later, to opt in. Normally someone who is eligible to calculate their provisional…

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