Reduce interest costs on audits

Reduce interest costs on audits Lee Stace

TMNZ has recently received a number of enquiries from clients wishing to pay an historic tax liability through us. We would like to remind clients that we can help reduce IRD interest costs by up to 30 percent and eliminate any late payment penalties if they have received a notice of reassessment from IRD due…

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Providing much-needed breathing space

Providing much-needed breathing space Lee Stace

Sara and Steve Owen. Photo: Stuart Munro, Wanganui Chronicle Independent Carbon Brush in Whanganui says TMNZ is a “real godsend”. Here’s how we’ve helped this husband and wife business pay income tax on its terms. The question Sara Owen of Independent Carbon Brush asked her accountant in 2010 sums up how valuable TMNZ has been…

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Young tax guns to talk alternatives to CGT, GST on imports

Young tax guns to talk alternatives to CGT, GST on imports Lee Stace

Taxation of houses under a capital gains tax (CGT) and GST on imports are among the ideas four young tax professionals will showcase to respected tax leaders in Wellington in October. Auckland trio Jeremy Beckham, Matthew Griffin and Peter North along with Wellington’s Caleb McConnell submitted proposals which outlined a significant reform of the New…

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