TMNZ clients will benefit from a significantly simplified Inland Revenue data connectivity for the first time. We discuss how it will help, the innovative tech companies involved, and the broader benefits it will bring. 

The goal of every good business is to make a positive impact on clients, communities and the environment. As a purpose-led organisation, TMNZ strives to make a difference every day. We’re always looking at new ideas to improve our services and meet customer needs. The latest change marks a major milestone to make Inland Revenue (IR) data connectivity available to all. 

In years gone by, accountants and agents have had to deal with multiple systems to access accurate IR data for their clients. The process is often laborious and time-consuming, forcing people to access various platforms and spreadsheets to find the information they need.  

That’s set to change. TMNZ has been hard at work integrating its systems with Inland Revenue and technology partners, to provide agents with a seamless way of obtaining data sharing consent from taxpayers. Following the integration, tax agents can easily obtain consents and access IR data, all without leaving our platform. 

“We’ve been building on the great relationships with Inland Revenue, and technology partners, APS and GoodSign. We’ve worked closely together to deliver this real-time integration without locking people into other platforms they don’t need. We’re thrilled with the result, which allows accountants and tax agents to save time and get on with their work,” says Eric Troebner, TMNZ Chief Technology Officer.  

We’ve created a simple and easy IR integration system.  

With TMNZ, clients can integrate IR data on our systems without signing up to third-party software. You won’t have to go through several steps to get the integration done anymore — it’s ready at the click of a button. We have taken things one step further, streamlining the requirements from IR to ensure taxpayers only share their data with trusted parties. 

Integration is easy to set up. Previously, accountants had to follow a manual process to ask IR for permission to share taxpayer data and subsequently obtain that permission through letters, updated T&Cs, and other correspondence in a time-consuming chain. We have partnered with GoodSign to remove this obstacle. 

  • Once a tax agent authenticates their client list through MyIR, a standardised digital consent form can be sent to the taxpayers of their choice.  
  • The taxpayer signs digitally, and IR integration is instantly turned on.  This saves agents considerable time and cuts down on repetitive admin work. By using an innovative digital consent process, we can ensure that the right permissions are in place. The entire process is automated and delivered through APS for the integration and New Zealand company GoodSign.  

“Whenever TMNZ reach out regarding a project, we know it’s going to strengthen the user experience for our community and it’s been a pleasure collaborating on another successful initiative with the TMNZ team. Congratulations to TMNZ and GoodSign on this project and on their inspiring contribution towards improving the New Zealand environment and ultimately helping tackle global warming.” says Phillip Yarr, APS Head of Product Management.  

We invest 100% of our profits in Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation to help the environment and community. We’re also proud to partner with companies that help the planet and our communities to maximise the positive impact we have as a business. 

GoodSign, an environmentally-conscious eSignature provider, will handle all the digital documents and is fully integrated with our platform. No sign-ups are required, and there are no hidden costs for our clients or their customers. 

For every 100 documents sent through GoodSign, the company plants 20 trees. We expect thousands of letters will be sent through GoodSign, meaning a better outcome for the environment and tangible climate action. 

“It’s great to be working with TMNZ to help simplify the tax data integration and compliance process for businesses throughout Aotearoa. But it doesn’t stop there – our partnership is also about driving positive change for the environment using GoodSign’s innovative eSignature solution,” says John Ballinger, GoodSign co-founder (and Chief Tree Planting Officer).  

“We’re proud to invest 20% of all sales to fund tree planting to help curb global warming. TMNZ and the Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation are also focused on tackling the climate crisis, and together, we can make more of an impact.” 

TMNZ is delighted to offer this new service to clients, available to all firms immediately — and use the power of tech for good.  

Contact our support team to take advantage of the easiest IR integration on the market.

Chief Technology Officer
Eric Troebner, TMNZ Chief Technology Officer
John Ballinger, GoodSign Co-founder