About TMNZ

TMNZ is New Zealand’s leading and pioneering tax pooling business. Since 2003, we have inspired innovation to help create a better tax environment for Aotearoa. Over 100,000 taxpayers have saved more than $500 million, by using our flexible and simple tax payment solutions. 

And today? We’re reimagining our business by investing all our profits in a restored and thriving Aotearoa. With this purpose at our core, we’re proud to work alongside our philanthropic partner the Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation, to bring this vision to life. 

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About tax pooling

Tax pooling is an Inland Revenue (IR) approved service that helps businesses make the right tax payments at the right time. So instead of paying IR directly, taxpayers pay into the tax pool when it suits them and TMNZ makes payments to IRD on their behalf. It’s like a balancing act; since some businesses like to overpay tax during earlier dates, this helps to cover those businesses that need more flexible tax payment arrangements. And that’s the tax pool.  

TMNZ founder

Ian Kuperus, TMNZ founder, helped to pioneer the tax pooling industry back in 2003. Since then, Ian has been made a fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand to recognise his significant contribution. 

Our leadership team

Chris Cunniffe

Chief Executive

Amanda Thorpe

Head of People and Culture

Andrew Clifton

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Troebner

Chief Technology Officer

Fiona Simpson

Head of Partnerships

Neil Bhattacharya

Head of Client Services

Our industry partners

As thought leaders in the accounting community, TMNZ has strong relationships with a number of leading industry and association groups. 

Our technology partners

We offer technology integrations with market-leading business management and tax accounting software, to enable streamlined solutions.

Philanthropic partner

We’re proud to invest all our profits in initiatives that help to make a difference to local communities and the environment. We do this with the support of our philanthropic partner the Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation.