TMNZ Tax Pooling Training

TMNZ offers training to help accountants and tax agents in firms all over New Zealand provide a higher level of service in managing and optimising clients provisional tax, terminal tax, tax pooling, payment of reassessed tax and imputation credit accounts.

Upskill Yourself and Your Company

Training will help you and your firm provide better client outcomes. The sessions are eligible for CPD hours and are provided absolutely free. You’ll also get a choice of a range of learning options from in person training sessions to online webinars. In all cases, we encourage questions during all sessions and focus on creating an inclusive environment.

View Past Webinars

Explore past TMNZ webinars here.

Request a Tax Pooling Overview

If your firm has never used tax pooling before or you simply want a refresher for your staff, we’d be happy to send someone along to explain how tax pooling with TMNZ can help transform your business.