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Learn about tax pooling from the best and brightest experts

TMNZ offers training to help accountants and tax agents in firms all over New Zealand provide a higher level of service in managing and optimising their clients provisional tax, terminal tax, tax pooling, payment of reassessed tax and imputation credit accounts.

Here are the 4 topics we plan to cover over the course of the next few months:

Tax Pooling 101

Tax pooling allows taxpayers to pay income tax in a manner and time that suits them at a cheaper interest cost. This session will walk through all the fundamentals that tax pooling can offer you or your clients.

TMNZ Dashboard Deep Dive

We cover everything you need to know in order to use the TMNZ online dashboard to generate Flexitax, Tax Finance and other transaction information, as well as demonstrating our new reporting features and walking through access functionality.

TMNZ Products

We’ll cover the products available through TMNZ. Those include: Flexitax®, Tax Finance, Depositing, Tax Swaps and selling excess tax. This will touch on how to optimise your position with TMNZ.

Specialised Topics

This includes specialised topics such as Imputation Credits, as well as bringing in guest speakers to cover other areas. Watch this space!

TMNZ dashboard series – entering & editing transactions

Join us for this session as we drill down on how to enter and edit transactions on your TMNZ dashboard. We will be covering how to enter quotes & requests for Flexitax arrangements, Tax Finance, audits and how they all appear in the Activty Centre.

Jonathon is a Senior Client Care Executive in the Client Services Team. He manages clients and inbound queries.

Thursday – 4 June 2020


Presented by

Jonathon Parris

Presented by

Penny Trent

Advanced Tax Pooling

The main focus of this session is a technical training on the application of the IRD UOMI by way of a case study. The new provisional tax rules introduced in 2018 were designed to provide taxpayers with more certainty over their payments of tax, this training shows that while they are more favourable to taxpayers there are some complexities. This session also looks into more advanced tax pooling concepts such as Tax Swaps and Tax Drawdown.

Penny is a Client Relationship Manager in the Partnerships team. She manages clients in Canterbury.

Wednesday – 10 June 2020


Tax Pooling Q&A

Join two of TMNZ’s account managers to ask any tax pooling questions you have had on your mind. This short interactive session will give you a chance to address those queries you never got round to asking.

Penny is a Client Relationship Manager in the Partnerships team. She manages clients in Canterbury.

Judd is a Senior Client Care Executive in the Client Services Team. He looks after inbound queries and account management.

Thursday – 11 June 2020


Presented by

Penny Trent

Presented by

Judd Pimentel

Presented by

Gina Brighouse

Imputation Credits and Tax Pooling

The use of tax pooling and the impact on the timing for recognition of imputation credits is something that TMNZ receives queries about on a regular basis. This session is designed to provide clarity around the imputation credit implications when using tax pooling to manage a taxpayers provisional payments.

Gina is a Client Relationship Manager in the Partnerships Team. She manages clients in Bay of Plenty, Auckland and Northland

Thursday – 25 June 2020


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