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If you’re looking for a way to provide value-added services to your clients through tax pooling, this is the guide for you.

How to Calculate Provisional Tax

This guide helps explain how to calculate using the standard uplift method in order to get the best outcome for your clients.

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Provisional tax resources for accountants

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Provisional Tax Dates 2020

An interactive calendar showing provisional tax and terminal tax dates for the Standard Uplift method. Download reminders to your calendar and keep track of your clients payment dates.

Other Provisional Tax Dates

You can find the other, lesser known provisional tax dates related to alternative methods for calculating tax such as Accounting Income, Ratio and Estimate method.

Tax Definitions

Confused by some of the tax jargon? Here we define a number of common terms related to provisional tax including tax pooling, provisional tax, standard uplift method, and more.

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COVID-19 provisional tax interest remission: What you need to know

COVID-19 provisional tax interest remission: What you need to know 1200 630 Lee Stace

Updated 11 August 2020 Small- and medium-sized taxpayers may no longer have to pay interest if they underpay provisional tax as a result of miscalculating the impact COVID-19 has on…

GST ratio timeframe extended

GST ratio timeframe extended 1200 630 Lee Stace

IRD has extended the timeframe for taxpayers to elect to use the GST ratio method in the wake of COVID-19. They now have until 19 August 2020 or the day…

Image: Stopwatch

Deadline approaching for non-COVID-19 taxpayers

Deadline approaching for non-COVID-19 taxpayers 1200 630 Lee Stace

Options in the marketplace are available to help those NOT affected by COVID-19 pay their TMNZ arrangement for the 2019 tax year within the required legislative timeframe. We are mentioning…

COVID-19: IRD extends tax pooling deadline

COVID-19: IRD extends tax pooling deadline 1200 630 Lee Stace

Updated 19 June 2020 Anyone impacted by COVID-19 will have 365 days after their terminal tax date to settle 2019 income tax arrangements with TMNZ, subject to meeting certain criteria.…

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Resources for Mandarin Taxpayers and Agents

税收统筹是由新西兰税务局(IRD)批准的服务商 TMNZ 提供。 TMNZ 自 2003 年立法生效以来 就一直致力于税收统筹方面的发展。