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Find out how you can get more cashflow flexibility over your provisional tax

Helpful resources for provisional tax

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We have two guides that are super useful for taxpayers if you are starting your first year of business or if you’re looking for more clarity around New Zealand’s provisional tax system and need to talk to your accountant. Download them now.

Provisional Tax Glossary

Confused by some of the tax jargon? Here we define a number of common terms related to provisional tax including tax pooling, provisional tax, standard uplift method, and more.

Provisional Tax Dates 2019

An interactive calendar showing provisional tax and terminal tax deadlines for the Standard Uplift method. Download reminders to your calendar to help keep track of your payment dates.

Other Provisional Tax Dates

You can find the other, lesser known provisional tax dates related to alternative methods for calculating tax such as Accounting Income, Ratio and Estimate method.

Flexible payment options

With TMNZ you can control your provisional tax payments and pay what you want when you want so it’s better for your business cashflow.

Avoid IRD late penalties

Eliminate IRD late payment penalties when you pay provisional tax through us.

Save on interest costs

You’ll save up to 30% on IRD use-of-money interest for any missed payments. Our fees are tax deductible and based on competitive lending rates.

Help with tax audits

In case you receive notice of reassessment, we will reduce your interest costs on any type of tax, including PAYE, FBT, GST, RWT, NRWT and income tax.

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