Budget review with Tony Alexander

Tony presents his view on the Governments budget just one day after it’s release. Get Tony’s thinking on the prospects for the NZ economy and the housing market as vaccinations and policy are deployed.


Becoming a low-emission business with Thankyou Payroll


We sat down with Christina Bellis, CEO at Thankyou Payroll, to discuss the journey to become low-emission. We've placed the timestamps for you to watch and review below.

00:36 Explaining Thankyou Payrolls operating model

01:30 Becoming a low-emission business

03:00 The data. Why we should be focussed on low emissions

06:00 We can fix it

06:45 Consumer led purchase behaviour

09:00 Zero carbon amendment act

10:00 First steps for businesses

10:28 Carbon footprint example from Thankyou Payroll

12:20 Thankyou Payroll playbook

15:19 Policy changes to help set a standard

16:35 Actions you can take

21:10 Think and take actions in increments

TMNZ and Xero team up to educate clients

Xero and TMNZ partnered up earlier this month for Xero's Education month. Kathleen Payne, TMNZ's Strategic Partnerships Manager, ran the  webinar educating people on the benefits of tax pooling as well as a practical demonstration of applying TMNZ provisional tax arrangements within the Xero platform.