In tough economic times, it can be hard for businesses to stay on top of cashflow and juggle their tax liabilities. For companies and sole traders dealing with fluctuating cashflow and provisional tax headaches, there’s an easier way to manage your obligations—tax pooling.

Did you know TMNZ’s tax pool can help you manage your tax by matching your cashflow forecasts with your provisional tax payments? And you can use tax pool deposits as an alternative funding source when cashflow is tight.

How we can help

TMNZ is an Inland Revenue (IR)-approved tax pooling provider, meaning you can use us to pay income tax on your behalf at a time that suits you. We offer greater flexibility over how and when you pay provisional tax.

First, you’ll need to think about your cashflow forecast. If you’re unsure how to put one together, read our cashflow management guide.

Once you’ve got your cashflow projection, we can work together to figure out the best time to pay your provisional tax. From there, all you need to do is tell us your tax amount owed, the date it is due, and how you would like to pay.

When your tax bill arrives, we’ll transfer the amount required to IR on your behalf as a time-stamped payment. IR will treat your tax as if it was paid on time, eliminating the risk of being charged interest or late payment fees. Simple.

A working capital solution

TMNZ’s payments to IR mean you can keep money in your business and use it at the times of the year you’ll need it most. You can top up your payments later into our tax pool at any time.

Tax pooling is a perfect solution for businesses worried about future cashflow and looming obligations. By partnering up with us, you’ll have total control over your tax bill, rather than working around IR’s strict deadlines.

With no more late fees and interest charges from IR to think about, you can get on with running your business. There will be no need to scrape together funds in the middle of holidays or quiet periods to meet IR’s deadlines.

TMNZ can also save you money by avoiding penalties and interest charges if you’ve missed or underpaid tax. We charge much lower interest rates than the penalties imposed by IR if you’re overdue.

We’re a line of credit

Another amazing TMNZ feature is that we can be a line of credit for your business.

If you’ve deposited funds into our tax pool but find yourself short on cash, you can withdraw that money whenever you want to use it as working capital.

If you’ve paid provisional tax into our pool, you’ll have access to a working capital facility up to the value of your deposit. This provides even more flexibility for you and your team to get through a cash crunch and stay on top of debt management.

We can offer much cheaper interest rates than bank loans, overdrafts, or unsecured loans, meaning money withdrawn from our pool is better for you and your business, putting you in a stronger position at the end of the year.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of tax pooling?

Download our guide to Better Cashflow Management for top tips on managing cashflow throughout the financial year.

If you’re ready to take control of your tax and gain access to a valuable line of credit for your business, find out more at by reading our Tax Pooling 101 page to learn more about the full range of benefits of being in our pool.

Then talk to your tax adviser about TMNZ tax pooling to take away your tax management worries.