TMNZ super functionality and super hero at conference

TMNZ super functionality and super hero at conference

TMNZ super functionality and super hero at conference Lloyd Evaroa

Action heroes took over at the Reckon APS annual conference last week, of which Tax Management NZ (TMNZ) was a sponsor.

Most of the 200 accountants who attended the November Queenstown Conference had fun dressing up for the Action Hero Dinner where TMNZ’s CEO Chris Cunniffe dressed as his favourite hero, Elliot Ness, and Business Partners Manager Martin Bing was Spock – without the signature pointy ears.

However, before the fun began, there had been plenty of serious work, with TMNZ and APS demonstrating the latest tax pooling functionality being integrated into the APS software system.

The APS Tax Pooling functionality will be introduced early in the New Year. When this happens, tax agents using the APS system to complete client tax returns will automatically receive a calculation from TMNZ giving the amount of savings they can generate for clients by settling their tax liability through TMNZ.

This new functionality will slash the time it takes for agents to save clients money.

With one easy click, it instantly shows how much can be saved on Use of Money Interest. But that’s not all – it also shows the amount that can be saved in late penalties. The automated solution is so quick and streamlined, it doesn’t matter whether a client is big or small, it will be worth settling their tax liability through tax pooling.

When tax agents are ready, they can purchase the tax for their clients with one click, without having to re-enter data on the TMNZ website. Identifying and locking in savings for clients has never been easier.