Five reasons we put tax on an app

Five reasons we put tax on an app

Five reasons we put tax on an app Aaron Ooi

Iphone and headlineApps may be nifty, but let’s face it – in New Zealand they are mainly for games.

More and more Kiwis are checking their bank balances on apps, but when it comes to mobile technology – financial transactions are still up and coming.

So why did TMNZ release the Pay My Tax app?

1. We listen to our customers:  You told us you wanted convenience. We’re committed to innovation, so we changed the way you deal with your tax payments to let you take ownership of the process without having to rely on your accountant. Putting an app on a smartphone was our way of saying – this is for the everyday person to use.

2. Tax is Easy: Yep – everyone stresses about it, but making a tax payment on time does not have to be difficult.  The Pay My Tax app was our way of helping people organise a tax payment without having to deal with IRD.

3.  We believe in the power of choice: IRD requires payments on three set provisional tax dates through the year.  No choice, no flexibility. The Pay My Tax app lets taxpayers choose the dates that suit them.  Need the money to invest in your business… or for Christmas presents?  Why use bank debt – which costs more – when you can just move the date you pay your provisional tax.

4. Everyone deserves a second chance: We get so many calls from taxpayers who have missed a payment or earned more than they expected, so they just have not paid enough.  And in December, IRD issued a load of Notice of Proposed Adjustments – basically tax audit outcomes that are unfavourable.  Using the Pay My Tax App, taxpayers can avoid any penalties or IRD interest on tax due, by backdating their tax payment.  Who knew time travel was possible for tax?

5. Why shouldn’t you pay your tax while you’re at the beach? Staying connected doesn’t mean staying home.  Heading into summer, we knew people would want to keep on top of their tax payments without having to come into the office.  With an app on your smartphone, keeping up to date has never been easier.

So download the app and let us know your feedback! We’d love to hear from you. Pay My Tax is all about enabling Kiwis to take ownership of their tax payment process. The app was one of our first initiatives in giving taxpayers options… so email us with some feedback. We look forward to finding more ways to make tax easy.

By Mara Fisher – Strategy Manager TMNZ