100Percent continues to grow

100Percent continues to grow

100Percent continues to grow TMNZ Blog
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From left: TMNZ head of digital, technology and operations Jek Tan, World Vision New Zealand head of vision partners Tara Pradhan, TMNZ content writer Lee Stace, World Vision New Zealand vision partner associate North Island Julie Hill and World Vision New Zealand social enterprise consultant Jamie Newth. Photo: Sutherland Burt

A charity sponsored by Tax Management NZ (TMNZ) that sees students raise money for World Vision projects by volunteering their time as tutors now has a presence in Wellington.

The founder of 100Percent, Crystal Diong, confirmed the news via a video message at a morning tea attended by TMNZ and World Vision New Zealand staff in Auckland yesterday.

Tutors signed up in Wellington after a group of medical students with no official ties to the charity encouraged them to do so on social media.

“A whole range of people [in Wellington] have jumped on board because of some really enthused students,” said Crystal.

“It’s a really amazing experience to see university students signing up and actually realising they have the skills and ability to create a really powerful social change within their community and also globally.”

TMNZ founder director Ian Kuperus and World Vision New Zealand chief executive Chris Clarke were among the attendees at the morning tea.

Both spoke briefly about their organisations’ involvement with 100Percent.

World Vision social enterprise consultant Jamie Newth gave an overview of the charity in the absence of Crystal, who was unable to attend the function due to her medical studies at Otago University.

TMNZ funds the 100Percent website, while World Vision New Zealand has worked alongside Crystal to help grow the charity.

100Percent has raised $28,000 since 2012.

Visit http://100percent.org.nz/ to donate or for more information.

See below for some more pictures from the morning tea.