Provide client value with TMNZ via Reckon APS Tax

Provide client value with TMNZ via Reckon APS Tax

Provide client value with TMNZ via Reckon APS Tax Lee Stace

Craig Copland 300px w HC logoHC Partners LP director Craig Copland recommends more accountants purchase tax from Tax Management NZ (TMNZ) via the Reckon APS Tax system, as it enables them to quickly provide additional value to clients and save them money.

Buying tax from TMNZ eliminates IRD late payment penalties and reduces interest costs by up to 30 percent on underpaid income tax liabilities.

“HC Partners LP has been using TMNZ’s services for almost 10 years. Over that time, TMNZ has helped save our clients significant sums, principally through the use of the Tax PURCHASE scheme,” says Craig (pictured left).

“The ability to reduce IRD use of money interest costs and possible late payment penalties is seen by our clients as a major benefit we are able to provide.”

Craig says installing the TMNZ integration within the Reckon APS Tax has provided “even greater efficiencies” when it comes to calculating possible savings and purchasing tax for clients.

“Based on our experience with APS and TMNZ, I would have no issues with recommending this option to other possible users.”

TMNZ integration within Reckon APS Tax allows you to quickly identify potential savings and email these to clients.
Tax can be purchased within the program, meaning you can save time because you do not have to complete any additional data entry or log into external websites.

Moreover, because identifying and purchasing tax is quick and easy, you can now offer the benefits of tax pooling to a wider range of clients, which adds more value to existing and new clients.

Best of all, your team only needs to log in once, can purchase any tax amount, and there is no commitment on your part to go through with the transaction.

As New Zealand’s first and largest tax pooling intermediary, TMNZ has helped more than 26,000 clients save more than $160 million in IRD compliance costs since 2003.

We pride ourselves on working with accountants to ensure no opportunity is lost to save clients money.

Please email or phone 0800 829 888 if you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss the Reckon APS Tax module or any other tax pooling matter.