Meet Daniel Rock

Meet Daniel Rock

Meet Daniel Rock TMNZ Blog

One of TMNZ’s newest hires believes his background in technology will play a role in helping us meet our clients’ needs in the new provisional tax world.

Daniel Rock has joined recently as our Head of Client Relations, and will also serve on the Leadership Team. Among his chief responsibilities will be overseeing the Client Relationship Team and driving a high-performance culture at TMNZ.

The Chelsea-mad Englishman’s appointment comes at an important time with new provisional tax rules now in effect.

Reform of provisional tax is part of Inland Revenue’s business transformation project, which is the biggest shake-up to the New Zealand tax system in decades. It is going to change the way taxpayers pay their taxes by using technology to streamline the process.

TMNZ is investing heavily in its systems as a result. We recently improved the dashboard clients see to make it faster and easier to manage taxpayer accounts and transact. More changes are in the pipeline.

Daniel believes working in technology with start-ups in disruptive industries makes him change-resilient. That, in turn, means he is able to identify opportunities that ensure we are providing the best possible service to our clients.

“How we use technology is going to be crucial to TMNZ and for our clients,” he explains.

“If you look at the ways accountants are reaching their customers and the way they’re trying to change, understanding how they’re using technology to do that is going to be important to how we use technology to help them. That’s one of the biggest skillsets I bring – that appreciation of how technology can help in an industry that is being disrupted.”

Daniel has hooked into his work straight away, meeting accountants and taxpayers who pay provisional tax through TMNZ.

He is keen to find out more about them and discover what specifically is changing in their world.

“It’s important that I understand what is happening with all of our clients so we can adapt to suit them.”

Daniel also has experience in sales and executive leadership roles. Scroll through his LinkedIn profile to see the full breadth of his résumé.

TMNZ is “really different” to any industry he has worked in before.

However, he has enjoyed getting to understand TMNZ and the important role we play in the New Zealand tax environment.

“It’s a really strong culture. We’ve got strong leadership and a lot of talent across the board – not just my team, but in all the teams we have talented people who care about customers,” says Daniel.

“It’s really clear we want to get it right for people by helping them get it right.”

Away from work, Daniel bowls a few off-spinners for his social cricket team. He also plays and coaches football at the Mt Albert-Ponsonby Football Club.

He lives on a lifestyle block in Coatesville with his partner Sarah. The couple own an assortment of animals (six dogs, two cats, two goats and two pigs).

But wait, there’s more

Daniel is not the only new person we have hired.

Tanesh Nathman, Nick Prasad and Joe Thornton join TMNZ as Client Service Specialists to ensure we are able to answer customer queries and process transactions faster.

It comes because we are seeing a greater volume in transactions and an increasing number of taxpayers registering with us.

The arrival of Tanesh, Nick and Joe means we have 27 staff dedicated to helping clients and providing a high level of customer service.

You can meet the rest of the TMNZ team here.