Coffee with Paul at Bona Fide Accounting

Coffee with Paul at Bona Fide Accounting

Coffee with Paul at Bona Fide Accounting 1200 630 Lloyd Evaroa

“I would definitely recommend TMNZ to other clients. It’s been a great benefit to many of our clients and it gives them an opportunity to save on late payment penalties and [IRD] interest when paying their taxes.”

Paul Donnell is the Director at Bona Fide Accounting. He has 40 years experience and within the last 5 years has bravely started his own practice. His client base are friends, family and some reasonable-sized companies and trusts. Paul discusses how Tax Management NZ have impacted his clients experience on paying tax to IRD.

Paul speaks highly of a TMNZ product, Flexitax®. He says ” We use TMNZ product Flexitax®/Tax Purchase quite often for clients who are unable to pay their tax on time. It takes pressure off our clients who know they have this facility that they can pay a bit later than they are due to pay and therefore not get hit with late payment penalties and interest.”

Paul goes onto explain the broader benefits of using tax pooling, such as:
  • better manage cashflow

  • pay when it suits his clients, not when IRD say its due

  • Flexitax® proves to his clients he is looking out for their best interest

Watch the video below to hear more from him on how Tax Management NZ have helped his clients to manage their cashflow as well as pay their tax on their terms.

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