Coffee with Garreth Collard from EpsomTax

Coffee with Garreth Collard from EpsomTax

Coffee with Garreth Collard from EpsomTax 1200 630 Jade Robertson

“We see it [tax pooling] as being one of those super useful tools. Like a carpenter has his essentials in his tool belt, it’s the same for an accountant. An essential tool, you just can’t be without it.”

Garreth Collard is the Managing Director for EpsomTax. He is one of those accountants who puts you at ease when discussing topics as personal as income tax. Due to his personal experience, he is well aware of the head space owning a business can take up. He understands that life gets busy, tax payments to IRD can either be underpaid or missed entirely then before you know it, you’re in the bad books!

In our conversation with Garreth, he addresses the below questions with insight into how tax pooling and in particular, how Tax Management NZ has helped his clients get ahead in their obligations to IRD:

  • Biggest issues SME’s face?

  • How does tax pooling add value?

  • From one agent to another, how important is tax pooling?

Watch the video to hear more from Garreth on how agents can solve pain points for his clients.

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