TMNZ promotes broader tax thinking via Tax Policy Charitable Trust

TMNZ promotes broader tax thinking via Tax Policy Charitable Trust

TMNZ promotes broader tax thinking via Tax Policy Charitable Trust 1200 630 Lee Stace

Future of Tax Symposium: Sir Michael CullenTMNZ was proud to support a Tax Policy Charitable Trust event which allowed those working in tax to present and discuss the Tax Working Group’s interim report.

The Future of Tax Symposium recently took place in association with Auckland University and Victoria University of Wellington.

TWG chairman Sir Michael Cullen was there to give the opening address at the Victoria University event.

Future of Tax Symposium – what Sir Michael said

As the subject of capital gains tax is currently topical, Sir Michael took the opportunity to reveal that the majority of the TWG were in favour of the taxation of capital income.

However, the challenge within the group was how they went about doing that, not whether they should do it.

Capital gains tax aside, he also said the group was on track to release its final report in January. That is one month ahead of schedule.

His comments were covered by and Newsroom.

As well as Sir Michael, other members of the TWG also spoke at the Future of Tax Symposium. There was also analysis from business, community and economic commentators.

How the Future of Tax Symposium worked

The Future of Tax Symposium was chaired by tax commentator and the Tax Policy Charitable Trust’s John Shewan. It involved interactive sessions on:

  • Should New Zealand tax capital gains?
  • Would a capital gains tax make the tax system fairer and what would the effect be on you, your business and your savings?
  • How can the broader tax system be improved?
  • Are taxes an effective way of tackling environmental challenges?
  • What strategies and recommendations are missing from the TWG’s interim report?

The audience of academics, tax industry leaders and business representatives had the opportunity to ask questions. They also got to express their views on topics by voting on polls.

Tax Policy Charitable TrustAbout the Tax Policy Charitable Trust

TMNZ and its founder Ian Kuperus’ goal is to create a better tax environment. Given that, Ian chose to establish the Tax Policy Charitable Trust in 2012.

Its aim is to promote broader tax thinking and positive tax policy.

As well as the Future of Tax Symposium, the trust runs other events and initiatives to facilitate this. These include:

  • Sponsoring a visit every two year to New Zealand by a leading international tax expert.
  • Providing a scholarship for a New Zealand tax professional to do short-term study overseas.
  • Offering a platform that allows young tax professionals to showcase their tax reform ideas to key people in the industry.

You can find out more information about the Tax Policy Charitable Trust or Future of Tax Symposium here.

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