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Understanding provisional tax

Understanding provisional tax 1200 630 Lee Stace

What is provisional tax? How’s it calculated? When is it paid? What happens if you don’t pay? If these questions are currently occupying space in your head, don’t worry – we’re about to provide some answers. A brief overview Provisional tax breaks up the income tax you pay Inland Revenue (IRD) so that it is…

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Can AIM taxpayers use tax pooling?

Can AIM taxpayers use tax pooling? 1200 630 Lee Stace

A taxpayer cannot use tax pooling to defer payment of, or settle, provisional tax instalments calculated under the accounting income method (AIM). However, Tax Management NZ (TMNZ) can help AIM taxpayers with terminal tax or when they receive a notice of reassessment. What does tax pooling legislation say about AIM? Legislation in the Income Tax…

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AIM and tax pooling

AIM and tax pooling 1344 897 Lee Stace

Legislation prevents taxpayers from using tax pooling to pay AIM provisional tax instalments. We are issuing this reminder as IRD notifies us they are seeing several tax pooling transactions for these types of payments. Section RP17B (2)(a) Income Tax Act 2007 says an amount held in a tax pooling account on behalf of a taxpayer…

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AIM - the accounting income method

What IRD isn’t saying about AIM

What IRD isn’t saying about AIM 1344 791 Lee Stace

The accounting income method – AIM – will be available to businesses to calculate their provisional tax payments using approved accounting software from 1 April. The concept is simple: Those with turnover of less than $5 million will make provisional tax payments when they earn their income, based on accounting profit. Inland Revenue (IRD) has…

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