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As New Zealand’s first tax pooling intermediary, we’ve earned our reputation for trusted advice through years of experience and practical expertise. IRD approved, we help businesses manage their cashflow and tax payments the easy way. Let’s get started.

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TMNZ are IRD registered and the industry leaders

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Pay provisional tax when it suits your business cashflow

Save Cost & Time

Save up to 30% on IRD interest by paying through TMNZ

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We use the highest security standards so your funds are in safe hands

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Fast and friendly advice from a dedicated team of experts

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Manage your provisional tax payments online

How we can help

Pay provisional tax

When it suits your business while reducing interest costs and penalties

Reduce risk on overpaid tax

Reduce tax liability risk and potentially earn more interest.

Reduce tax audit costs

And save up to 30% on IRD interest for reassessed tax

The Business of Tax podcast

Better time management and productivity for tax agents with Robyn Pearce


We’ve rounded up a group of experts in their field. They’re here to inspire, educate, and inform you on your business and tax.

Do you work for an accounting firm and manage taxpayer clients?

We can help you and your clients do tax on their terms

We keep businesses moving

As New Zealand’s leading tax pooling provider, no one understands provisional tax better than TMNZ. With the largest and most established tax pool in New Zealand, TMNZ is the industry innovator, providing the best service and best flexibility to our customers.

Our clients include thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses as well as some of New Zealand’s largest banks, state-owned enterprises and well known corporate names.

TMNZ is used by more businesses and accounting firms than any other tax pool


Taxpayers helped throughout New Zealand


Million in IRD compliance
costs saved

TMNZ Premium Partner Accounting Firms

TMNZ is trusted by many accounting firms throughout New Zealand and is the first choice for providing tax pooling services.


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Image: ABC

Understanding provisional tax

Understanding provisional tax 1200 630 Lee Stace

What is provisional tax? How’s it calculated? When is it paid? What happens if you don’t pay? If these questions are currently occupying space in your head, don’t worry – we’re about to provide some answers. A brief overview Provisional tax breaks up the income tax you pay Inland Revenue (IRD) so that it is…

Image: Bart Taylor

Syncing provisional tax to cashflow

Syncing provisional tax to cashflow 1200 630 Lee Stace

As a self-employed painter and decorator, Bart Taylor knows full well how business owners can get themselves into strife if they don’t plan for their tax obligations. He speaks from his own personal experience. That’s why Bart is happy to talk about how Tax Management NZ (TMNZ) enables him as a self-employed tradesperson to take…

Image: Tax refund

Easy money for business not always the best option

Easy money for business not always the best option 1200 630 Colin Kennedy

Not long ago, one financial adviser was heard to lament the Kiwi habit of using the mortgage to fund the business. Others turn to bank overdrafts or their personal savings – all of which some might argue are easy choices to make but not necessarily the best. Putting one’s house on the line to help…

Image: Cashflow chart

What is a cashflow forecast, exactly?

What is a cashflow forecast, exactly? 1200 630 Colin Kennedy

Most people nod in agreement when they hear the fable of the ant and the grasshopper – the ant worked all summer while the grasshopper lazed about, only for a starving grasshopper to come begging at the ant’s door in winter. However, it’s surprising how few business leaders apply the common-sense lessons the fable teaches.…