Here we discuss how TMNZ can help you to avoid interest charges with payments at P3.

Unfortunately we’re seeing many clients buying tax at the wrong dates.  We believe this is caused by the confusing way Inland Revenue displays the Residual Income Tax liability on the myIR statements.  If a taxpayer doesn’t meet the safe harbour threshold of less than $60,000 RIT for the relevant tax year, paying tax at terminal tax date will cost you Inland Revenue Use of Money Interest (UOMI).

Why is this?

  • Inland Revenue myIR transaction detail statements show the tax due split on what amounts are liable for late payment penalties and what amounts are not. 
  • As late payment penalties are charged on the lessor of the standard uplift amounts and RIT/3 for all provisional tax dates, they will usually show two amounts for the P3 date.  The standard uplift amount will be shown as due at P3, and the balance of current year RIT will be shown as due at the Terminal Tax date. 
  • However, what is not clear on myIR is that use of money interest will be is charged on the combined P3 total, from P3 to the date the tax is paid.
  • So those that are not transferring the combined total at P3 but transferring the amount at the terminal tax date, will incur interest from the P3 date

How can I stop this?

When transferring or purchasing tax from the TMNZ tax pool, you should be doing this for the combined P3 amount at the P3 date.  This will mean you avoid interest charges.

Find out more by reading our detailed explanation here or contacting our national support team.

Disclaimer: This article is correct as at 19 April 2022. It is subject to change. TMNZ will update this article as and when it receives new information from IR. We encourage readers to check this page regularly.